What we do

It is my sincere  belief that Indie  artists could use all the support  and opportunities that can be made available to them in  order for them to succeed. We provide our “Featured Artist Showcase of the Week” and our “Band Page” free of charge as our commitment to keep the creative arts alive and thriving in the Indie community. If you are an Indie Artist or Act and want to participate in our “Featured Artist Showcase of the Week” we do require that you meet the requirements below:

Band Website

Youtube Video links

Band Bio

Band Contact Information

If you would like to be considered for a Showcase please contact me  Here for more information ~ Raylene =)

The ultimate goal of Undercover Indie campaigns is very simple; to provide “a hand up” to the musically talented who for whatever reason are struggling to realize their dream be it due to lack of financial resources to purchase the tools needed or to provide an upgrade to those who currently possess the basic tools, but those tools lack the ability to allow for advancement of their skills and have outlived their usefulness.

By contributing less than the cost of a premium latte you would be giving hope to a rising star today by helping them realize their dreams of tomorrow. Please consider becoming a contributor please visit Twittercon for more information ~ Raylene =)